How can I get access to the secure portal?

You can contact us to request an invite to register your personal secure portal. The link has in the subject heading “NetClient CS.” You will be asked to create a username and password, and then you will be able to access it.

How to Submit Your Documents

Use the dots below to navigate

Access your Folders

When you enter the portal, it will look like the picture below. On the far left is a column that says “NetClientCS.” Under it is the heading “Documents”. Under that is a link to “File Exchange.”

You can also click your name in the upper right corner to change your email, password and manage your security options.

Logging into your portal

Navigating Your Account

If you click on “File Exchange, you will see 3 folders. Please select Source Documents and upload all of your tax documents there.

How to Upload

Now that you are in the Source Documents folder, use the menu to manage your files.  “Home” and “up” are navigational. To upload files, click “upload.”

Add Your Files

When you click on “upload” a window opens that says “drag files here”. There are two buttons at the bottom of that window that says “add files” and “start upload.”

You can upload more than once. We will contact you to find out if we have everything or if you are planning to upload more later before we begin to process your returns.

You can also download your tax returns from the “Tax Returns” folder.

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