We Offer Business Consulting and CFO Services to Help Your Business Grow

Yes, We Provide Tax Returns and Advice.

If you came to this page looking for tax preparation and advice for your business, you found it. After all, TaxMaster is our name.

We can Also Offer you a Lot More.

What is your biggest challenge in your business?

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed and worried that things fall through the cracks?
  • How does it feel when you are so busy running your business that you can’t give your clients the full attention they deserve?
  • What have you noticed that takes too much time and energy, causing waste, inefficiency and unprofitability?

What keeps you up at night?

  • Is it cashflow?
  • Is it staffing?
  • Is it your competition?
  • Is it your future viability in your market?

How do you WANT your business to BE?

If you could wave a magic wand, and have your business be exactly as you want it, what would that be?

  • How would you be best positioned with your clients and your market?
  • What would you be doing in your job, and what would you delegate?
  • How can you create more raving fans, and enjoy the process?
  • How would you ideally balance your work with your life?

Whether you want

  • More clients

  • More revenue

  • Improved cash flow and bottom line

  • Improved work/life balance

We can get you there

We can help you figure out answers to:

  • Do you know what business you are in?
  • I mean, do you really know what business you are in? For example, we are not in the “finance” business. We are really in the “Peace of Mind” business. What business are you really in?
  • Do you know which of the 3 types of business people you are?
    • Are you the Producer/Artist?
    • The Manager/Leader?
    • The Entrepreneur?
  • Do you know which of the 10 stages of the business life cycle your business is in?
  • Do you have actual strategic objectives you are working towards?
  • Do you know your constraining factors that get in your way?
  • Do you know the profit drivers that can massively increase your business?

As Tax Professionals, we can and do make recommendations based on projections.
Tax returns and tax savings are the results of thoughtful planning.

What are CFO Services?

A CFO is your Chief Financial Officer.

  • A CFO creates that Thoughtful Planning.
  • A CFO makes sure that all else is not equal.
  • A CFO helps you become successful, and you get to decide what success means to you.
  • A CFO helps you be able to generate consistent cash flow from
    your business.

Do you have a Business Coach?

  • A Business Coach helps a client, operationally, generate additional revenue.
  • A Business Coach and CFO work together to help implement strategies.

Under one roof you can have the best of all worlds:
A combination of Business Coaching, Consulting, and CFO services – bundled together, or separately

David Block has been coaching businesses and individuals for over 25 years.  He was a Business Mastery Coach for Business Breakthroughs International, a partnership between Tony Robbins and the late marketing genius Chet Holmes, and has been coaching for over 25 years. His son, Dan Block, has an MBA from DePaul University in Marketing Strategy & Planning, and Entrepreneurship and has been helping businesses grow for over 12 years, including expertise in marketing, operations, business strategy, and management.

Together, they help small businesses grow exponentially.

If you are interested in knowing more about how we can help your business grow exponentially, please call us at 212-247-9090.

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