Welcome to Team TaxMaster!

Our Manhattan Office has moved UP to the 16th Floor!

Same building, higher floor, with a bigger office so that we can see you in person with social distancing.

The Peace of Mind Solution

We know that we are more than just a “tax” business, a “financial services” business, or even a “financial planning” business.

We are in the “Peace of Mind” business.

Tax laws keep changing, and we stay on top of the new changes.

We have invested substantially in software, systems, and staff to serve you better, faster, and more efficiently.

We now include the tax return as a part of our premium service.

We do so AS A TEAM.  No matter who prepares your tax returns, you have access to our entire team.

For decades you have needed advice:

Taxes can be stressful

Finances can be stressful

Whether you are worried about barely scraping by, you just inherited a fortune, or you’re fortunate to have a great paying gig and want to legally avoid paying a lot of taxes, finances can be stressful.

Some of you have psychic wounds from childhood that cause you to want to live above your means, or below your needs. Some entrepreneurs feel lost, even overwhelmed, because the money comes in but they have nothing to show for it.

For some clients, just gathering tax data to bring to us creates massive anxiety.  The laws change constantly, sometimes even during tax season.

You need advice and reassurance. We are here to help.

Your year does not end on April 15th and neither does ours.

Our Manhattan Office is instituting and providing Year-Round Premium Financial Service for our clientele.

We have no barrier of entry for talking to us in the off-season. We are open all year round. We will continue to offer you consultations for financial advice as part of our service.

We are open year-round to answer questions.

We would rather put out a fire over the summer than sift through the ashes next spring.

  • How will I ever afford my dream home?
  • Will I have to refinance my mortgage to make ends meet?
  • Should I pay points to reduce my mortgage payment?
  • Does it make sense to buy or lease a car?
  • How much Social Security am I expected to collect after retirement?
  • At what age should I start receiving Social Security?

You have questions that require us to use our software and calculators.

We can help you.

Many clients live in mortal fear of getting a letter from the IRS, of getting audited, of losing everything, and going to jail.

You will not go to jail.

Our Tax Resolution Service will navigate the labyrinth of the IRS for you.  We can’t guarantee that you will never get a letter, but we can make sure that the matter gets resolved in a way that saves you money.

  • Am I set up with the correct entity?
  • Am I using income-shifting opportunities to reduce tax liability?
  • Are there deferral strategies I’m not using?
  • Am I missing deductions? Or tax credits?

If you own a business, it is possible that we can help create tax plans to save you tens of thousands of dollars.

  • Do you know the Purpose of you Money?
  • Is it earmarked to buy a property?
  • Is it to see your children through college?
  • Is it to pay for your retirement?
  • Or is it there to be above a threshold that allows you to feel better?

All money has a purpose.

You don’t have it just to make the numbers go up.

It’s there for a reason.

  • Do I know how much I will need to pay for college when the time comes?
  • Did the time get here before I knew it?
  • Is there a way to reduce how much I will need to pay for school?
  • Is there a right way to fill out a FAFSA form?

We can help you navigate the entire college process, and have you pay less.

We are TEAM TaxMaster

Whether you see us in our Bronx office on White Plains Road,

or in our Manhattan Office at Broadway and 38th Street,

We help you prepare for your future.

Our team of Tax Professionals, Financial Professionals, Tax and Financial Planning Specialists will help you find Financial Peace of Mind from the insight Out™

All year round!

If you’re interested in having the peace of mind you deserve and the answers to your most vital questions, please contact us.

Receive One-on-One Personal Service

We will help you answer all the questions you may have about your financial future.

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